About Me

Huckleberry Flynn. Sometimes there are stories, because I have one or two. Sometimes there are lyrical analyses of pop songs because, thanks to some close friends with a deep-seated love of Top 40, I know perhaps too many bad pop lyrics for my own good. Sometimes there pictures, which I think add a little panache to the place. And sometimes you don't even get a post because I'm busy and/or watching Netflix. Sorry in advance.

I am your average idealistic 20-something with a whole bunch of thoughts and feelings who happens to fancy herself a writer. There are a lot of us. Sometime in the not-so-distant past I stopped writing boyband fan-fiction long enough to start writing down my own stories instead. Some have called me daring, spunky, a free-thinker. (And these were not all by the woman that birthed me though she is highly complimentary as well) My nana once called me a firecracker, and she was from the Old Country where everything is more meaningful. So that's significant, I think.